Product Info

All covers are made with a hidden PUL layer as a waterproof backing or an exposed PUL inner for easy wipe downs to make covers reusable again and again until soiled by Poo :)

One Size Covers

Covers are One Size because of this clever adjustable thigh setting system. Chunky Thighs? Skinny Thighs? Any sort of thighs would fit, Just adjust the elastic, fold it and tuck it in and you're all ready to go. This area is protected by a a layer of Fleece Blocker which also helps retain baby's urine from soaking up his/her t-shirt/clothes as it prevents leaking upwards when baby is lying/sleeping face down.

Apart from using adjustable thigh elastics system, I also use snap down system where you just have to snap down once or twice to achieve a Small / Medium / Large size

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